Monday, January 25, 2021

My Biggest Business Lesson!


The biggest business lesson I learned was to open my mouth about what I do, and what I want in my career with people. 

When I was first getting my foot in the fashion industry (many many moons ago 🌚)  I use to feel silly saying that I wanted to be a fashion designer, and that I love styling clothes. Today that sounds so dumb like, “why would you feel weird about that?” But when I was starting college being a fashion designer was far fetch. It was like trying to be a “famous actress” especially in my community and my culture. Everyone told me that there was no security and to reconsider. I was told to study medicine or some other field every other first generation kid can relate to. 

Eventually I got comfortable and confident in myself and my love for design. I knew I had something inside that people could not yet see, and I started to open my mouth about what I wanted, my ideas, and that is when I noticed opportunities start to come.

I wasn’t purposely trying to seek conversations with people about the business of fashion to get something out of it. I honestly just started talking about what I love more. When people saw who I truly was, and how much fire and passion I had in me for my work they naturally wanted to be apart of it. That’s the beauty of authenticity. It does most of the work for you, you just have to be open and say what you love, and what you want. 

Hope this helps someone who has a passion in them that they are ready to explore. I know this post was a little all over the place, but moral of the story is that someone knows someone that knows someone, and so on. Speak up and be your best advocate. 

No doors will open if your mouth is shut. 


Vest - LFstores

Turtle Neck - HM (also at Target & Zara)

Denim - Monkey

Boots - Cape Robin

Sunglasses - Urban

Belt - Vintage

Watch - Adexe Watch (UK)

Earrings - (UK vintage designer will find info)

Sunday, March 29, 2020

COVID-19 PANDEMIC: We're Making Nonsurgical Face Masks!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to come on here to check on you guys and update y'all. Hope you're staying safe and sane right now!

With the national shortage of protective gear in the medical community the CDC, and several facilities are requesting handmade face masks to be used over disposable hospital masks to prolong their use, and help protect our family and friends in the medical field during this pandemic.

My clothing brand, Grace Beraki, will be making nonsurgical masks for medical front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. We started working on these as soon as we found out we could help!

We're making these masks out of our pockets so if you would like to contribute to help us mass produce these masks in house, please send a donation.

DM, email or comment below if you would like to purchase one, which will also contribute to helping the amazing people that are in the medical front lines of the corona virus crisis. We're making them super affordable, and they're washable too!

Let's do our part by protecting each other and staying home. If you absolutely need to leave your home, protect yourself and other with one of our masks. ❤️ Don't forget to wash your hands, sanitize everything, and stop hoarding toilet paper!! Lol 

Lidia wearing one of the B&W plaid prints. She's staying safe in style!

More colors and prints coming!
Some of our face mask pattern work
More face masks in process

How to contact us to donate or purchase a face mask:

IG - @graceberaki (direct message me)

Or comment below with a good contact email! Let us know your thoughts or if you have any prayer request! Love you all!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Holidays Are Coming!

Holidays are coming and I'm so excited, but I'm going to miss the warm weather and the cute outfits that come with it. Texas weather has a mind of its own so who knows, I might still be able to pull off some lighter pieces. If it's colder where you live, you can throw a cute cropped jumper/sweater with this denim skirt and pair it with a cute boot.

This outfit would be perfect for a fall/winter vacation somewhere warm. Each piece in this ensemble can translate as a fall transitional piece alone. The outfit put together can also be transitional because of it's a monochromatic look, and the leopard shoe to tie the whole look to a fall vibe.

 Am I the only one that's ready for the new year though? I can't wait to layer pieces, celebrate the holidays, and work on some projects that I have lined up. 2019 taught me so much, and I can't wait to continue to learn and grow in 2020!

Top: Zara

Denim Skirt: Free People

Shoes: Steve Madden (On sale at major department stores)

Leopard Hair Scrunchy: Free People (On Sale)

Sun Glasses: Ray Ban

Photos by: Just Inspired Visuals 

Monday, November 4, 2019

UK Bridal Editorial X Country Classic Wedding Inspo

So, I did a thing! Just kidding, this is an editorial shoot I modeled for at The Ravenswood, a large estate right outside of London in a lovely country town. The estate was built during the reign of Henry VI in 1426. The location was so gorgeous and perfect to catch the raw and natural beauty from the greenery, the blooms, and the romantic lace.

This shoot is featured in UK bridal magazines like Trendy Bride Magazine, and on Instagram @trendybridemagazine. We had so much fun shooting these beautiful garments, and working with an amazing team + vendors (who will all be listed at the bottom of this post).

I waited a while to share these photos but now that they've been featured I can share some of them with you all. I can't wait to share more!

As you probably noticed I haven't been posting as much. I've gotten so many sweet messages asking where I've been so I thought I'd give you a quick update! (I'll go more into detail in a later post.)
I'm at a very interesting but fun chapter in my life, and I've honestly just been living it to the fullest by being in the moment. My career is still a big priority, especially now that I'm done with school so I've been working very hard. Fashion design is no joke, and is my primary job so I've devoted most of my time to it. I have something SO exciting coming up and I can't wait to share it! It's literally a dream.

Photographer/Concept: Stepan Vrzala
Creative Director, Planning and Styling – Love From Mwai

Hair- Gemma Holiday
Cakes-Monnaine Cake
Suit-Marc Darcy
Dresses-Naomi Neoh
Shoes- Freya Rose
Hair Accessories- Eden B studio
Flowers-Jenni Liberty Flowers
Gin- Camm and Hooper
Stationery-Karamele Stationery
Stationery -Rosey and Co
Venue-The Ravenswood

Monday, April 22, 2019


So grateful to have had the opportunity to enter my garment in the FGI Scholarship Competition and to win 2 awards for 1st place! I couldn’t even think when they announced my name 😂 I was so shook.

I’m so blessed that I get to do what I love. There’s also a lot of hard rigorous work, sleepless nights and patience that fashion design students have to go through. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds, but it all pays off! Congrats to all my peers that won an award and participated, your hard work and dedication is inspiring!

Thank you FGI and Rhonda Sargent Chamber Production for supporting the next generation of designers and to everyone who reached out or DM’d me to say congrats! I so appreciate the support!! ❤️ 





Monday, June 11, 2018

I'm Moving to Paris!

Hey guys, hope your week is off to a great start because I know mine is! I just bought a one-way ticket to Paris, and not Paris, TX giiirl. (Mom, if you're reading this relax, it's for a fashion studying abroad program.)

Growing up, I always wanted to study abroad in either Paris or Italy, as well as travel around the world while in my 20's so why not do both?! I worked really hard to make this happen, so I'm very excited to live in Paris for the summer, and to study fashion in the fashion capital.  Along with studying fashion, I'm going to study other subjects like art, architecture, photography, and travel all over Europe.

I honestly think I'm most excited for all the independent traveling I'm about to do. I've traveled throughout Dubai alone before, and I loved it so much. While I enjoy traveling with others, I think I have more fun traveling alone. I think it's because it forces me to push myself out of my comfort zone and make amazing new experiences and friends. Traveling alone has taught me so much about myself and how to enjoy life on your own. However, this time I'm not just visiting a new country for a short while, but I'll actually be living in Paris, having an apartment, and attempting to live a local lifestyle lol. I'm hoping I have a positive experience like I did in the UAE. 

Please send your prayers my way for safe travels and zero bug bites because I don't do bugs! :)

Anyone can study abroad, do not let money get in your way. I always thought you had to have tons of money, but that's not necessarily true. There's a lot you can do to avoid financial stress. There are SO MANY things I've learned about preparing to study abroad and I haven't even left the states yet! I'm thinking of doing a post or YouTube Q&A video on how I did it, and how you can too! Maybe while I'm in Paris?

Let me know in the comments if that's something y'all would be interested in, and I'll be happy to share some tips that I wish someone told me, CHEAP plane tickets people don't know about, along with other valuable info. :)

 Since I already did all the research, you guys can learn from my mistakes. *tears*

 I'll also try to post my current location while abroad in my Instagram bio @graceberaki!

I'm really loving this sandy color crop from Chriselle x J.O.A. There were so many versatile pieces in this collection. My favorite part about this top is that it can be tied a number of ways, and the striped print gives it a summer beach vibe. I paired this top with a denim skirt that has a sandy wash to it. I love the raw hem because it gives the skirt a cool and chic summer beach vibe. This top also came with a wide leg pant that I could totally see myself wearing in either Italy or Greece!

You can instantly shop my looks, like this blouse, by following me on the app. just search grace beraki and hit follow!!


Top: Chriselle x J.O.A.

Skirt: Zara

Sandal: Jeffery Campbell