Monday, January 25, 2021

My Biggest Business Lesson!


The biggest business lesson I learned was to open my mouth about what I do, and what I want in my career with people. 

When I was first getting my foot in the fashion industry (many many moons ago 🌚)  I use to feel silly saying that I wanted to be a fashion designer, and that I love styling clothes. Today that sounds so dumb like, “why would you feel weird about that?” But when I was starting college being a fashion designer was far fetch. It was like trying to be a “famous actress” especially in my community and my culture. Everyone told me that there was no security and to reconsider. I was told to study medicine or some other field every other first generation kid can relate to. 

Eventually I got comfortable and confident in myself and my love for design. I knew I had something inside that people could not yet see, and I started to open my mouth about what I wanted, my ideas, and that is when I noticed opportunities start to come.

I wasn’t purposely trying to seek conversations with people about the business of fashion to get something out of it. I honestly just started talking about what I love more. When people saw who I truly was, and how much fire and passion I had in me for my work they naturally wanted to be apart of it. That’s the beauty of authenticity. It does most of the work for you, you just have to be open and say what you love, and what you want. 

Hope this helps someone who has a passion in them that they are ready to explore. I know this post was a little all over the place, but moral of the story is that someone knows someone that knows someone, and so on. Speak up and be your best advocate. 

No doors will open if your mouth is shut. 


Vest - LFstores

Turtle Neck - HM (also at Target & Zara)

Denim - Monkey

Boots - Cape Robin

Sunglasses - Urban

Belt - Vintage

Watch - Adexe Watch (UK)

Earrings - (UK vintage designer will find info)