Monday, August 1, 2016

Curly Hair Meets August Streetstyle

Hey guys! I've been out of town so I haven't been able to post much while traveling. Sorry about that.
These photos are a little old, but I love this outfit so much I couldn't resist sharing! 

If you couldn't already tell from previous posts, I love to mix dressy with sporty. For this look I took these casual sporty pieces and wore it with a pair of black mules for height and to give it a more dressier feel. My favorite thing about this Alexander Wang top is that it can be worn as a crop top with high-waisted denim pants or a skirt, or even as a sports bra.

I get asked what I do to my hair a lot, especially when it's curly. This was a wash and go day for me so I didn't have to do too much, but some days I have to put in more work than others.  Let me know if you want me to share my hair regimen. I know all about #curlyhairproblems and I'd love to help! 

I was looking in a car window trying to fix my hair and these 3 photos were captured. Off guard pics are the best!

Top - Alexander Wang
Pants - HM
Shoes (Mule) - Michael Antonio


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