Monday, March 13, 2017

Winter to Spring Transitional Look

The transitional period between winter and spring can be confusing, because your mind is thinking yess, spring vibes but the weather outside is saying not today, especially in Texas. One day it's  a beautiful day in March and the next it's freaking cold outside. 

Since today was pretty chilly, I focused on layering a couple of lighter articles with a biker jacket. I wore a black dress with a sheer high-low blouse on top, and thigh high boots (because I'm trying to get this last wear before spring!) 

The key to a transitional look is to have some classic, timeless pieces (like this little black dress and biker jacket) and then add in a few trendy items that speak to you and your personal style. For me it was these cute shades, thigh high boots and a cross body bag. Combining “of the moment” pieces into your wardrobe will help you stay current and modern when moving into spring without looking like a fashion victim. 

When in doubt, just remember to lighten and layer!

 My favorite sunnies! This shade of pink is perfect for spring.

Biker Jacket - Boutique in Venice

Black Dress - AA

Sheer High Low Top - Urban Outfitters

Thigh High Boots - Go Jane

Sun Glasses - Boutique in LA

Photos by - Justin at Justinspiredvisuals

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