Monday, September 25, 2017

Grace Beraki x Kenn Espinosa

Hey guys! Sorry it's been a while since I've lasted posted. I've been really busy with my fashion design internship, working full time, and personal projects. I've also been working on a couple other projects I can't wait to share!

I'm also so happy that I got to be the first person to take a look at my friend, Kenn Espinosa's, very first Fall Collection. I'm so excited to share these looks with you all, especially the dresses that were custom made for me!

My favorite garment from the collection is the dress called Grace, obviously because it was named after me. Hehe, it's actually my favorite because of the strappy back details and the style lines on the garment. This dress fit me like a glove and hugged my body at all the right places.
After reviewing Espinoa's collection, the first three words that come to my mind were - stunning, confident and collective.

 Not only is this collection gorgeous and excellently designed, but it was inspired by a concept that's so inspiring to me, the moon!

By the way, don't judge me if you see me repeating this dress to a holiday party this fall/winter!

Had to tie up my hair because of this Texas heat!


Dress - GRACE by Kenn Espinosa

Purse/Accessory - Vintage


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