Monday, March 28, 2016

How to Style Neutral Colors - 2016 Streetstyle Edition

I am a sucker for the cozy, laid back, layered look! Playing with classic neutrals like camel, cream, beige and nude will always guarantee your outfit is a winner. It also looks great on all skin tones when done perfectly. As neutral hues look great on all skin types, an outfit that incorporates nude or shades of beige can compliment everyone ranging from Amanda Seyfried to Lupita Nyong’o.

Since Spring has been slow to come in certain regions, like New York, and it's not yet time for short shorts and sandals, even in Texas where the weather is constantly changing! I decided to wear a cream knit crop top, and layer it with a camel suede vest, that is reversible with shearling fur inside. To add more coziness, I layered a camel oversized scarf. My goal was to play with the same color palette but different textures, so I threw on these beige linen pants instead of wool for a more spring feel.

Neutrals can be very delicate and feminine, which is beautiful, but to achieve a laid-back vibe I mixed it up with a pair of classic loafers instead of heels. Completing this look, I wore a textured animal print hat to remain relaxed, while keeping it unordinary. When putting an outfit together I always like to do something to my style that makes it unique, mine, and makes me stand out. I never want to blend in and look like everyone else.  

Fun Fact: My face was so frozen I couldn't even crack a smile. Hints why I threw on this oversized coat!

What is your style when it comes to neutrals? And what is your go to neutral outfit?
Let me know by commenting below!


Hat - NYC

Sunglasses - Nordstrom

Crop Top - Top Shop

Reversible Vest - LF

Pant - Vintage

Shoes - Ralph Lauren

Photos by - Nick Urteaga