Monday, April 18, 2016

Spring into Summer

Summer, I'm ready for you!
With school finally coming to an end, this by far has been the busiest week of the semester. I'm producing my very first graduating collection, and also working on a few projects outside of school. I'll be involved in some fun things this summer that I can't wait to share with you. Until then, I will continue to post weekly. Be on the look out for new tips and trips, and seeing more of the fashion world! 

This was such a good day, and the weather was perfect! I went to dinner with some friends then to a fashion show. I wore this sporty dress by Alexander Wang, and paired it with these opened toe shoes with zipper detailing.

Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions on what you want to see next!


Dress - Alexander Wang

Shoes - LF

Bag - Zara

Photos by - Serrandon

Monday, April 11, 2016

Olive Green Spring 2016

Today I'm missing my birth state, California. I miss the weather, the beach, the food, and the shopping. Los Angeles (LA) is definitely one of my favorite cities to shop in because of the chill vibe it brings to fashion. My last visit in LA, I hung out in Melrose where I found a great deal of cute stuff that I would never find in Dallas. One store that left an impression on me was The Shop in Melrose, yes, The Shop is the actual name of the store. This boutique is perfect for someone who is into that carefree look, better known as the "LA style." They carry a great variety of clothes from vintage shorts and shirts, to chic dresses and everything in between.

I left with so many amazing pieces for the summer, including this outfit I wore to BOA Steakhouse for dinner. This knit sheath dress came in a couple of different colors, but I picked olive green because it's the perfect neutral to wear if you’re warm, and teams well with so many other hues.  It's green shade is warm in its undertone, so I knew it would work with my complexion, especially after I've gotten some of that Cali sun. 

A lot of people that are not familiar with fashion colors, think that olive is only for the fall, when that most certainly is not the case! It's seen on spring runways by designers like Peter Som, Marissa Webb Marc Jacobs, and Ralph Lauren’s who have all featured olive garments. There are some colors you can wear for more than one season, depending on how you style the look.  Be sure to keep an eye out for similar warm tones Spring/Summer 2016.  


Photos by - Khris Garay

Monday, April 4, 2016

5 Tips On How to Wear an All-White-Outfit

This outfit screams, "I'm a grown woman who is capable of not spilling food all over myself!" Ok, seriously though, I absolutely love this simple modern look in all white, with these minimal heels. I could easily go from day to night in this, which is perfect for when I don't have time to go home, and get ready for whatever I'm going to do that night. 

For some reason, a lot of people are afraid to wear all white. Whether they believe they can't pull it off or think they don't know how to properly style an all-white-outfit, their hesitations shield them from success. It is, in my experience that everyone can pull it off and look fashionably chic. There are, however, key tips on how to style your whites.

1. Keep it Simple.
To achieve a colorless minimalist aesthetic, you always want to keep it simple, fresh, and clean.

2. "Match Your Whites"
Contrary to what you might believe, you don't always have to match your whites! In my circumstance, I did match my them, but only as a way of achieving a sporty crisp style. Depending on the type of mood you're trying to accomplish, playing with a variety of different textures and shades of white can be great. When you mix and match tones of the same color, the vibe of your outfit can totally change. Definitely don't be afraid to try! Also, always remember to check your outfit in various lighting (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, outdoors, whatever) just before walking out. As a rule of thumb, I always think to myself, "Do these shades work together," or "Does one shade of white look so bright that it makes the other almost look dirty?" By doing so, you will ensure your outfit is a success. Be mindful of how your whites work together.

3. Add in Neutrals
Nude heels are my go to. Loud shoes can look really played out and tired when it's not done properly.

4. A Pop of Color is Optional
Sometimes a little pop of color emphasizes the lack of it elsewhere. Your outfit is like a blank canvas, so you can add a few key pieces- a bright handbag, sunglasses, even a red lip can be the perfect accessories when adding to this ensemble. Remember less is more right now.

5. Do Your Hair and Make Up
Since your outfit is missing color, you want to make sure your face is nice and pretty because that will be the first thing people notice when they see you. Make sure your brows are on fleek, your teeth are nice and pearly, and your hair is styled accordingly to meet your apparel.

This isn't a complicated attire. Have fun, be easy, don't think too much about it, and show off your favorite features in white this Spring!

Let me know what you think about this post by commenting below! I'd love to hear your feedback!!


Top - Store in LA

Pant - Top Shop

Purse - Urban Expressions

Photos by - Lynnet Perez