Monday, August 15, 2016

Stripe Off the Shoulder Romper and Pretty Lashes

Cheesing because I'm in love with my new lashes Pretty With Me gave me! Anyone who really knows me knows that I love, love, love mink lashes, especially because they are superior in the sense that they have this really fluffy, natural look. The pair I got gave volume and length, but still looked natural like I wanted. Their lashes not only look great but are affordable too, anywhere from $25-30 (don't forget that you can get a few wears out of mink lashes).

DeAmber, MUA and owner of Pretty With Me, reached out to me to try her lashes and even came on set to do my makeup. I'm not going to lie, I was kind of worried at first because I'm really particular when it comes to other people doing my makeup, but DeAmber asked me what kind of glam I wanted and I told her a natural glowing look, and that's exactly what I got! I was so pleased with the outcome and everything this brand stands for.

The subtle makeup went perfectly with my bold black and white stripe romper. I've been really feeling the off the shoulder tops this season so I knew this romper would look great on me. My favorite part of this outfit is obviously showing off of the shoulders, and the vertical stripes because they create long lines that makes your legs look nice and long, giving you some height. Another thing I like is that I can just put on this single piece and I now have a whole outfit put together with very little effort, which is perfect for when you don't know what to wear and don't have enough time. This romper is so versatile because you can wear it to brunch, a party, or even somewhere casual with white sneakers or sandals.

Behind the scenes with my styling rack. Black and white vibes.

My lashes came in that cute little black bag, tied shut in a bow with black silk ribbon.

Off the Shoulder Romper - Topshop

Photos by - Rob Phillips

MUA - DeAmber 

Lashes - Pretty With Me

Monday, August 1, 2016

Curly Hair Meets August Streetstyle

Hey guys! I've been out of town so I haven't been able to post much while traveling. Sorry about that.
These photos are a little old, but I love this outfit so much I couldn't resist sharing! 

If you couldn't already tell from previous posts, I love to mix dressy with sporty. For this look I took these casual sporty pieces and wore it with a pair of black mules for height and to give it a more dressier feel. My favorite thing about this Alexander Wang top is that it can be worn as a crop top with high-waisted denim pants or a skirt, or even as a sports bra.

I get asked what I do to my hair a lot, especially when it's curly. This was a wash and go day for me so I didn't have to do too much, but some days I have to put in more work than others.  Let me know if you want me to share my hair regimen. I know all about #curlyhairproblems and I'd love to help! 

I was looking in a car window trying to fix my hair and these 3 photos were captured. Off guard pics are the best!

Top - Alexander Wang
Pants - HM
Shoes (Mule) - Michael Antonio