Monday, June 5, 2017

How to Get Perfect Curls With No Heat + Cute Lunch Spot

A lot of you guys asked how I got my hair to curl with no heat, and what restaurant I was eating at on IG and Snap Chat. I tried to get back to everyone who DM'd me and decided to do a post with all your answers, as promised!

Last week I had lunch with a girlfriend at this cute Parisian restaurant called Mercat Bistro. The food and service were great, and the ambiance was everything! You literally feel like you're in a different city. It's the cutest spot and definitely Insta worthy! I love that Dallas is on the come up with all these new diverse restaurants. I'll definitely be sharing more of my favorite food places!

HAIR: My no heat curls regimen is SO easy and a healthy option/route for beautiful bouncy curls! All you need are a good set of rollers, bobby pins, a water spray bottle, a comb, Moroccan Oil or your choice of a natural oil, and a bandanna (optional). You can find these items at your local beauty store, drugstore or on Amazon. Side note: I would do this procedure at night before bed if you have really thick and curly hair!

The first thing I do is wash my hair so it's nice and clean. Be sure to condition too, it makes a huge difference in the curls and makes it shiny.

The second thing I do is comb my hair while it's wet and part/section off a piece of my hair that I'm going to curl with a roller and apply the roller to my wet hair. You'll stabilize the roller with a bobby pin. Do this step to the rest of your hair and wait to let it air dry. I usually do this to my hair before bed, and I sleep on it because it takes longer for my hair to dry since it's so thick and curly. If it doesn't take your hair as long to air dry, then this is the perfect time to clean, organize and get some work done from home!

Once your hair is COMPLETELY dry (emphasis on completely) then you can take the rollers out of your hair. I always pull one roller out first (usually from the middle, back, or somewhere I think might still be damp) and check to see if it's dry. After I've gotten all the rollers out I apply some Moroccan Oil on my hair and on my scalp. (Btw, this stuff literally smells like heaven!) Then I use my fingers to brush through my hair to get the big volume curls and to get rid of the prom curls look lol. If your hair is super curly like mine, then the top of your hair might look a little lumpy. I get rid of those lumps by wearing a bandanna/or silk scarf on my head while I get ready. Then I take it off and my baby hair flattens down instead of looking frizzy. Now that you have your hair done, go throw on something cute and work those luscious curls girl!

This routine is so simple, but might need a lot of time depending on your hair. It's definitely worth it though! I'd rather have long-lasting healthy hair than heat damaged hair any day! I hope this helped. Please comment below with any questions/comments you have and I'll get right back to you! Also, if you'd rather see an actual video tutorial let me now. (I know videos are easier to follow sometimes so I'll make one if enough people want to see an actual demo.) 


Bralette - The Shop Melrose 

Dress (It's actually a slip from another dress) - Free People 

Shoes - Random Boutique in LA (but the shoe brand is Cape Robin)

Restaurant - Mercat Bistro