Monday, February 29, 2016

New York Fashion Week Street Style - Dress Like A Boy, Look Like A Girl

 Since I was working New York Fashion Week (NYFW), I kept receiving spur of the moment invites to more shows than I originally anticipated attending. This required me to improvise with the clothes I'd packed to create new outfits. Since time was such a huge factor for me, because I was working with a designer, there was very little left for shopping before the menswear show. Typically, NYFW suggests you to do a lot of walking after the shows, so my first thought of course was, "How can I stay comfortable?"

I wanted to avoid looking pretentious, yet effortless and laid back, but I had less than 15 minutes to come up with something for the most fashionable week ever! Of course, I naturally went with my classic all black look. This allowed me to keep myself slightly feminine with a textured, cropped top turtle neck (that surprisingly kept me warmer than I thought it would), a long black oversized coat, and I decided to keep it chic with a loose, vintage wool pant, giving a Yohji Yamamoto feel to the ensemble. Since a lot of walking was going to be done, I ditched the heels and said hello to my new "bae," my nikes! The shoes really pulled the whole street style look together, and allowed me to break away from that "Slave to Fashion" look. There's something about a woman that can still be stylish in sneakers while keeping it comfy. To top off the outfit, I threw on a neutral colored beanie, giving me more emphasis to the street vibe. 

This is a dope outfit idea for a any Ready-to-Wear show or event. When you're putting an outfit together for NYFW, or really just any event, remember there are no rules. Try on things you wouldn't normally try on. Don't be afraid to look short and stubby. Playing with garment lengths can take you from 5'3" to 5'7". Sometimes you just have to experiment around, or you'll never know. When in doubt keep it easy and fun!


Hat - BP Nordstrom

Sunglasses - BP

Turtle Neck - Victoria Zito

Coat -  Vintage

Pant - Vintage

Sneakers - Nike

Photos by - Nick Urteaga


  1. I love this fit grace .. Very edgy and sexy at the same time! The sneakers and beanie pulled it all together! Good improvising .. Keep the posts Coming!!

  2. Wowza! What a great look! Can't wait to try this out! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love this fit! Very edgy and sexy at the same time.. The sneakers and beanie pulled it all together! Great improvising. Keep the posts coming:)

  4. Creative spur of the moment idea for a killer #ootd :) Love your fashion style

  5. "There's something about a woman that can still be stylish in sneakers while keeping it comfy..." superbly articulated mam. A real talent you're. Great look, better writing! -Geno

  6. Love love if !! Totally agree on ladies keeping it classy but comfy. You tell the clothes what's up! Keep at it doll. Dig your style

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