Monday, September 19, 2016

An Achromatic Evening

Happy Monday everybody! I am so excited to have a fresh start this week, mostly because I feel like I am going to be extremely productive and I have some exciting things going on that I will share with you all on the blog very soon.

I recently spent a few days in ATL for a wedding, and my favorite outfit I wore that week was a body hugging grey dress and long black duster I sported for an evening out with family and friends.

I love wearing this sleeveless midi dress as a single piece, but this time I wanted to relax the outfit by layering a black duster on top. Duster coats are great to own because they always make your outfit appear more chic than it really is, you can throw it on top of almost anything. I especially love this duster because it's different from most, since it is a short sleeve. Rarely do you see it in a short sleeve, it's almost always seen sleeveless or with long sleeves.

To complete my look I wore a strappy heel from Zara, and a cute black hand bag that fit the aesthetic. This is a perfect achromatic outfit to wear to dinner, a fashion business meeting, or for a night out with good friends!

I love the gold detailing on this bag and the fact that I can fit literally anything inside of it.

Sunglasses - Nordstrom

Duster - Forever 21

Shoes - Zara

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