Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine's Day Look 2017

Happy V-Day lovelies!

 I'm celebrating Valentine's Day in style with this blush crushed velvet dress and these chic Fenty socks. I absolutely love the sheer and fur combination. It's fun, flirty and adds a little spice to the look! I chose to wear an open toe sandal heel with these socks for a dainty elegant ensemble. To top the look, I wore a gold choker.

I love the idea of something flirtatious that doesn't scream cliché Valentine's Day. Red is so expected, which is why I love a blush or neutral tone dress. Non-traditional red and pink colors with a little romantic lace, silk, or sheer is the winning outfit combination for your first Valentine's Day with your bae.

 Whether you're going out with your partner or your best friends, dress your best! There's no one right way to do Valentine's Day, and different agendas call for different outfits. Just remember, for whatever date-night festivities you have planned, what you wear on Valentine's Day should make you feel lovely because you truly are.

Thank you Justin for the awesome shots and thank you Lisa for doing my make up, and thanks for all the yummy snacks! Hehe y'all know I love to snack.


Dress - Boohoo UK

Socks - Fenty

Shoes - Steve Madden

Choker - Forever 21

Bracelets - Gift from Bangladesh

Photos by - Justin from Justinspiredvisuals


  1. Omg I love the socks and shoe combo!!

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